Time has flown by since the last Coolbet Open in November 2019. Covid 19 came and forced us to have a break but we look forward to seeing you all again on 8-14 November.

To help you back into the right spirit for the upcoming event, we caught up with some of the faces you have probably seen during the last Coolbet Open.

First up is none other than our favourite mascot Coolbear!

Name: Coolbear
Nationality: Arctic
Occupation: Mascot
Favourite poker hand: 8-8, also known as Snowmen!

Coolbet Open: How has the time since the previous Coolbet Open in 2019 been for you?

Oh, it has been very tough! As a mascot, it is very difficult to work from home. We tried out with Zoom meetings but the lack of internet connection here in the Arctic makes it difficult. And I really miss the personal contact.

Coolbet Open: What are your expectations for Coolbet Open in November?

I think it will be huge! I heard from my Norwegian cousin Svein Olav that half of Norway are coming to Tallinn, is that true? Wau, will be amazing to see so many poker players gathered again.

Coolbet Open: If you could only play one event at Coolbet Open, which one would it be?

The Coolbet Open Bounty Hunter. Us polar bears are pretty good at hunting.  

Coolbet Open: Which player are you looking most forward to seeing at Coolbet Open in November?

I am just looking forward to seeing you all again! Come and get a big bear hug if you see me!