Due to the current Covid-19 situation and new restrictions in Estonia, the Coolbet Open for November 2021 has been cancelled.

Yesterday the Estonian government announced that all entertainment venues, including casinos, should close by 23:00 and mask wearing was made obligatory for all public events. 

With hospitals getting close to full capacity, it is also likely that further restrictions will be introduced in the coming weeks.

“We are really sorry to cancel Coolbet Open with less than two weeks to go, but seen in light of the current and future situation as well as the new restrictions, then this is the most responsible thing to do. We want to give our players a great experience at our event but we do not think that this will be possible with the new restrictions. The players are not coming to Tallinn in order to go to bed at 23:00,” Coolbet Poker Manager Thomas Hviid says.

All package and buy-in winners will be contacted next week. We kindly ask you not to contact our customer support and wait for our poker team to e-mail you instead.

It will be possible to have the package or buy-in transferred to the next Coolbet Open which is planned for 23-29 May 2022 and we are working on offering packages to other upcoming poker festivals.

FAQ for players

Why did you cancel the Coolbet Open in November 2021?
At the end of October the Estonian Government announced several new rules that made it impossible to give our players a great poker experience.  

  • Starting from 1st of November all events must end at 23:00.
  • Starting from 29th of October the obligation to wear a mask will be extended to all controlled indoor activities and locations.  
  • Starting from 25th of October only those who have been fully vaccinated against or who have contracted and recovered from COVID-19 can take part in controlled events and activities

What will happen with my Coolbet Open 2021 buy-in and/or hotel that I won through various competitions?
You can choose to either transfer the buy-in or/and hotel to Coolbet Open 23-29 May 2022 or redeem the remaining package value into cash on your Coolbet account.

When is the next Coolbet Open?
The next Coolbet Open is planned for on 23-29 May 2022 with Day 1 A starting 25th of May and Day 1 B 26th of May at Hilton Tallinn Park/ Olympic Park Casino in Estonia.

Will I get a room at Hilton Tallinn Park if I transfer my package to the next Coolbet Open in May 2022?

We will book all the rooms we can at Hilton but currently we cannot promise you that you will get a room at the Hilton. 

I had tournament credits for Coolbet Open. Can I also get this redeemed or transferred to the next Coolbet Open?

Yes, this may also be transferred or redeemed.

Will you offer packages for other poker festivals and can I use the package for these?

We hope to be able to offer you this option soon, but currently there are few good options. When we have good options, then we will inform you by mail about it if you choose to keep your package for Coolbet Open in May 2022.