Coolbet Open May 2019 started successfully. In Day 1A we saw 130 entries, which is an all-time high record. In May 2018 we witnessed 104 entries, followed by 117 entries in October. Tomorrow we start Day 1B at 13:00, so there’s still a chance to join the ride.

The star of the day is Tobias Revenäs from Sweden, ending the day with 293 500 in chips. He was the chip leader several times throughout the day and showed a great game straight from the beginning. Other top player of the first day are Brian Kobb from the UK (171 800), Estonia’s Ottomar Ladva (156 300), Finland’s Teemu Salminen (145 000) and Norway’s Espen Sandvik (137 000).

Tobias Revenäs – Coolbet Open 2019

Maybe one of the biggest surprises came from Estonia’s Villem-Henrik Koitmaa For this professional ice hockey goalie, who just last week played for Estonia in the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship (Div I, Group B), it was the very first live poker tournament ever. During the game several fellow poker players helped him out with understanding some more technical rules but that did not stop Koitmaa from shining today. After taking out the legendary Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk, he landed on the 6th place with 118 000.

Villem-Henrik Koitmaa, Coolbet Open 2019

Final Day 1A chipcount is available below. Don’t forget to checkout Day 1A photos as well.

1Tobias Revenäs293500
2Barry David Cobb171800
3Ottomar Ladva156300
4Teemu Salminen145000
5Espen Sandvik137000
6Ricardo Moran123000
7Villem-Henrik Koitmaa111800
8Igor Toropov109300
9Tarmo Tael102300
10Mikael Juhani Koistinen100400
11Markku Koplimaa95700
12Annika Haaviste95600
13Martin Nygaard93300
14Henrik Jensen Riis90300
15Vallo Maidla89500
16Roope Onni Oliver Tarmi88400
17Kaido Mikk85400
18Torbjorn Furseth77100
19Miikka Kaihovaara76800
20Corbin Benjamin White70500
21Jari Hurri70300
22Kalle Saar65300
23Raul Kaupmees62600
24Siim Silver Salumaa61500
25Mika Hautakangas60900
26Aleksandr Arutjunov59500
27Timo Rantamäki58600
28Taago Tamm52500
29Aleem Aminmohamed Kanji51900
30Jaana Kindsigo50500
31Roman Platov50000
32Joseph Machael Crowley49000
33Juris Hlibovs45700
34Niko Santeri Kettunen45400
35Henri Ville Juhani Ojala42500
36Juho Heikki Samuel Heiska42200
37Urmo Einard38300
38Aare Sepp36800
39Kristi Kirs36300
40Vibeke Reitan35900
41Kjell Karlsen35700
42Dmitri Dudakov33200
43Kaspar Sein31400
44Keimo Suominen31000
45Alessandro Pagliuso30000
46Robert Kallikorm29200
47Andrei Zukov28400
48Samuel Mokédé28000
49Meelis Meliste28000
50Matthieu Franck Lamagnere27600
51Sander Eentalu27300
52Terje Jahn27000
53Dennis Vasen22300
54Priit Tiirats21900
55Erki Andressoo21300
56Linda Madleena Lahdenpää21200
57Aleksei Smirnov16400
58Teemu Leppälahti13200
59Khaled Hammoud12900
60Reido Sepp12600
61Chiel van Marwijk11800
62Bengt Stefan Svadäng11200
63Sebastian Wahl10800