Anders Auset – Event #3 winner

Coolbet Open 2019 May festival started with a big bang! On Tuesday, May 7th we had event #3 – the Warmup. In the €220 tournament with 100 player soft cap we saw 70 entries. The battle was tough and the first winner of the Coolbet Open poker festival came from Norway. Besides the €4305 prize money Anders Auset also got a seat for Main Event Day 1A. Players who reached the money are:

1Anders Auset€4305
2Germo Kiho€2810
3Tarmo Tammel€2075
4Peeter Talviste€1470
5Joni Salo€975
6Jukka Juvonen€785
7Rain Mölderkivi€625
8Joseph Michael Crawley€535

On Wednesday we also had Event #9 – Coolbet Open Wednesday Turbo with unlimited re-entry. Among the 70 participants the one who rose to the podium was Jens Henrik “Dansken” Riis, who became the the very first winner from Denmark to receive a Coolbet Open trophy.

Jens Henrik Riis – Event #9 winner

The TOP 6 players made a deal:

1Jens Henrik Riis€500*
2Odd Levi Paulsen€500*
3Priit Aavasalu€500*
4Jimmy Philippe Dewert€500*
5Sten Siinmaa€500*
6Mihkel Jõgi€500*
7Niko Korhonen€150
8Kristian Hustig€125
9Andreas Woll€100

Make sure to check out the schedule as there are many more events coming up in the next days!