The satellites for Coolbet Open, Coolbet’s first live tournament in Tallinn on 2-6 May, is currently running on During the past 6 weeks around 20 players have won a package through our simple and user friendly satellite system and they can now look forward to playing the €550 Coolbet Open Main Event as well as staying at the 5 star Hilton Tallinn Park hotel.

One of the lucky package winners are 28-year-old Kaimar Kulbin from Antsla in South Estonia. And he qualified without spending a single cent! He started out by winning a freeroll and three days and three tournaments later he had won a package to Coolbet Open worth €1200.

Here is his fantastic run:

19 February: Signs up with Coolbet
22 February: Plays the daily Coolbet Open freeroll and wins a ticket to €4.40 Step 1
22 February: Plays the daily Coolbet Open Step 1 and wins a ticket to €24 Step 2
23 February: Plays the daily Coolbet Open Step 2 and wins a ticket to the €130 Weekly Final
25 February: Plays the Weekly Final and wins a Coolbet Open package!

Kaimar Kulbin was actually not so surprised himself to make it all the way from a freeroll to the Coolbet Open within three days. In fact, he was pretty confident that he would qualify already before he started.

“My good friend was playing on Coolbet. He told me that perhaps he would go to Coolbet Open soon as he had also gone from a freeroll to the €130 final. Unfortunately he didn’t win this package”.

“As soon as I heard of those live tournament satellites from him, I registered an account with Coolbet and started to hunt that ticket. I played only a few freerolls. To win the ticket in the freeroll was actually the hardest one, not many chips and I had to take lot of risk to get the stack up. I didn’t lose any tournament after winning a Step 1 ticket, it was a direct flight to win the package”, Kaimar says with a big smile.

Kaimar Kulbin is now looking forward to staying at the Hilton Tallinn Park, where his wife and 6-month-old daughter will join him. And who knows, perhaps he will be as successful at the live tables as on the online tables?

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if I would win the live tournament too? Actually, I´m not gonna bet too much on that as I have very little experience in live tournaments. It´s not America where everything is possible but….. never say never”. 

Kaimar has one big advantage compared to the other players though:

“There is nothing I can lose! I am already happy winning that awesome package. Right now my only hope is not to fly out on Day 1. I really want to get some more experience in live tournaments”.

Good luck to Kaimar Kulbin in Coolbet Open!

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