Besides the Main Event, ViMenn Open is expected to be the largest tournament at Coolbet Open.

ViMenn (translates directly to “Us men”) is a famous lifestyle magazine for men in Norway owned by the Egmont Group. The paper magazine is not published any longer but it has a large following online and especially the poker section is very popular. is nowaday the largest poker news site in Norway.

ViMenn has also arranged live poker tournaments under the name ViMenn Open, and next week they will stop in Tallinn as part of Coolbet Open.

ViMenn Open will be a €330 event played over two days (4-5 May). Players can take unlimited re-buys until the end of the first level on day 2 and it might be a new experience for some that the tournament will be played with button ante.

You can expect many Norwegians coming to Tallinn especially for this event, not just to win money but also to collect points for ViMenns prestigious leaderboard.

One of the players coming to Tallinn for ViMenn Open is one of Norway’s most famous singers, Tone Damli Aaberge (photo). She recently turned 30 and got a trip and buy-in to ViMenn Open as a present.

Her latest cash in a live tournament actually came in the last ViMenn Open in Copenhagen, and she has also cashed at the WSOP and EPT Barcelona.

“I have been playing quite a bit of online poker recently, something I think is quite fun. I won my first Ladies Event not that long ago so that was really fun. It has been too little live poker recently but I hope to play more in the future”, Damli says.

Tone Damli Aaberge has never been to Tallinn before so she actually tried to qualify for the event online on Coolbet. She did not have any luck there so she was very happy to get a trip to Tallinn.

While Tone failed to qualify, one of the qualifiers were actually another well known female poker player in Norway. Ingrid Marie Olsen, also known as Ingrid Doll, brushed all the men aside in a satellite on Coolbet two weeks ago and took down a package for the event with hotel and buy-in.

She is coming into the event with strong hopes to beat the guys once more.

“I have never been to Tallinn before so it will be fun. It is always fun to travel to new countries and places. I feel I have never played as good poker as I do right now. I was really happy with my performance during the Norwegian Championships although I did not get any results”, Ingrid says.

Also look out for Drea Karlsen for the event. Last weekend she final tabled the Sunday Million Anniversary tournament on PokerStars in impressive fashion and took home almost $90k!

Will we have a female winner in the ViMenn Open? The chance is certainly there but there will also be many very strong male players going for the trophy.

Among the qualifiers for the event were the very experience tournament shark Åge Spets and players as Christian Stokkeland, Thomas Berg, Jon Kyte, Rolf Woods and Asbjørn Elvevold will most probably also be in the mix for the event.

If you are able to read Norwegian can you read a nice article about the event here.


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