Pokerisivut Open debuts in Tallinn

The second biggest event for Coolbet Open in May was the €330 Vimenn Open. The event was made in cooperation with the Norwegian Poker magazine Vimenn Poker and had more than 250 entries, which created a massive prize pool of €76,000.

For this edition of Coolbet Open we have made a similar tournament, this time in cooperation with the largest Finnish poker forum, Pokerisivut. Together with their sister website Pokeritieto they reach almost every poker player in Finland.

The tournament is open to all but you can expect a lot of players with the Pokerisivut logo on their shirts for this event. This will be the first ever live tournament held by Pokerisivut and of course the forum users are looking forward to coming to Tallinn to play some poker, have a drink or two and meet the other users face to face..

Jarkko Hyttinen, manager of Pokerisivut, will join them in Tallinn, and he is very excited about the event as well. He will of course play the Pokerisivut Open, even with a special bounty prize on his head.

We asked him about his expectations ahead of the event, which is played on 19-20 October.

This will be the first Pokerisivut Open as a live event  Why did you decide to get involved with Coolbet for this event?

Jarkko Hyttinen: I have been planning a live event for Pokerisivut for quite some time and the cooperation with Coolbet just hit the perfect timing. Many Finnish players were playing in the first Coolbet Open and everybody were super happy after that event, so it was a very easy decision to get in with such a great partner. Coolbet Open also has the greatest tournament director in the world, Teresa Nousiainen, so you know for sure that everything is going smooth and nice with the tournaments.

Which players are coming for the event?

Jarkko Hyttinen: I’ve heard of so many players coming to Tallinn. If I should mention a few, then for example Aki Pyysing is coming to play – if he is able to avoid a too long run in the Coolbet Open Main Event. Some of our Team Twitch players like Joonas “Korpisoturi” Pöyry and Petri “nikkipe” Nikkinen are coming to the event so there is nice chance to meet them live too. One of the greatest PLO cash game players, Henri Koivisto, will join the event as well. And of course Juhani “administeri” Tyrisevä is going to do live reporting for Pokeritieto all week long.

You usually know the players by their aliases from the forum. How do you think it will be to meet the players face to face?

Jarkko Hyttinen: I think that I have met quite many of the aliases face to face already in our other events during these years in Pokerisivut. Not played poker with many of them though, so that is going to be interesting and fun for sure.

Will there be more prestige in busting you in this tournament than winning it?

Jarkko Hyttinen: Ha-ha, I guess moneywise it will be more valuable to win the tournament than focus to bust me out, but obviously both are achievements worth of respect! By the way, player who will knock me out (with my first buy-in if re-entering) – will get a ticket to next Coolbet Open Main Event as a bounty prize!

Pokerisivut Open starts on 19 October at 17 and has unlimited re-buys until the end of the first level on day 2. The tournament is played with big blind ante.