The tournament director for Coolbet Open, Teresa Nousianen, will be a familiar face to you if you have been playing various poker festivals around Europe within the past 20 years. She has been a tournament director at the European Poker Tour and in recent years she has been the driving force behind several successful poker festivals in Tallinn.

Coolbet Open will be a new challenge for her but with all her experience is she the perfect tournament director for a new event like this. We asked her about her about her expectations for the event and what players can look forward to.

You have put a really cool schedule together for Coolbet Open. Can you tell a bit about your thoughts and ideas when creating a schedule like this?

Teresa Nousiainen: I put a lot of thought into the schedules I create and I have strong experience as well as I used to do the big schedules for the European Poker Tour, among others. When players travel to an event, I want to offer them a good variety of tournaments – plenty of action. I also, of course, take into consideration player’s wishes and hopes, feedback from previous events, and our host country and the local players.

My schedules will always try to offer something for everyone. I also make sure that the Main Event Day will always end around 9pm (by 21:00). And then I try to put in some interesting evening events. So, even if you’re playing the Main, you can finish your day in peace, have something to eat, and play an evening turbo as well.

What kind of Main Event can the players expect?

Teresa Nousiainen: The Coolbet Open Main is a 550€ unlimited re-entry No Limit Hold’Em event. Expect a very nice prize pool and a good, solid and player-friendly structure. Both online and live satellites are running and we know to expect a good number of players in for this one. It will be a blast and you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Some of the side events, including the ViMenn Open, are with Button Ante which might be new to some players. Can you explain a bit what this implies and what it means for the game?

Teresa Nousiainen: As one should, also Coolbet Open follows the ongoing tournament trends and one of those is speeding up the game by having one person post all of the antes when entering ante-levels. Saves time and is well-liked and welcomed by tournament players. We will play a couple of events where we have the regular small blind, big blind and then the button posting all player’s antes. 

You have been organizing poker festivals for many years. Why is Tallinn such a good destination for a poker tournament? And, besides playing poker, what else can you recommend first-time visitors to do in Tallinn?

Teresa Nousiainen: I have worked with poker for over twenty years now and ran many, many events also in Tallinn. And Tallinn is one of my true favorites! Especially now that we have this fantastic new venue: we are playing on the first and second floors of the beautiful Hilton Tallinn, and the new Olympic Casino in there.

Tallinn is a great city! Lot’s of fun things to do, awesome medieval old city, plenty of very good restaurants and clubs – you name it, they have it. Relax at the Hilton spa, step out to eat at any of the great restaurants, check out the nightlife – and come back at any time for the 24h cash games!

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