On the schedule for Coolbet Open you might find a game you have not heard about before: Archie.

Archie has become quite popular, especially amongst mixed games players. Originating from USA, it has landed in London, where it is part of mixed games on regular basis. A Finnish player based in London brought it over and Archie is now also popular amongst Finnish mixed games players in live games.

In July, Coolbet Open Tournament Director Teresa Nousiainen brought the game with her to Tallinn for the Summer Showdown poker festival. Here she held the first ever Archie tournament in Europe and it attracted around 40 players – quite a good turnout for a game where only a handful knew the rules before they sat down at the table…

“The feedback was so good that we decided to include Archie also in the Coolbet Open schedule. As it is a young game, it is great for tournament players wanting to try something different,” Teresa Nousiainen explains.

Archie cannot be played online so you are very unlikely to find any opponents who can honestly consider themselves a shark in this game.

And the best part about it is that it is easy to learn, especially if you have tried to play Draw games before.

How to play Archie

Archie is a triple draw game where you compete for both the low and the high hand. It is a Limit game and is usually only played 6-handed as you would end up running out of cards often with more players.

In order to qualify for the low hand you need five cards of different values of 8 or better (as in other lowball games), and for the high hand you need at least a pair of sixes to qualify. Some Archie rules state that a pair of nines are needed to qualify for the high hand, but a pair of sixes will be enough in the version played at Coolbet Open.

One important note if you like playing Omaha Hi/Lo or Stud Hi/Lo is that in Archie the low hand can actually scoop the pot if there is no qualifying high hand. And it is also worth noting that if there are neither a qualifying hand for low nor for high will the pot be divided between the players who remain at showdown. This happens rather rarely though.

Strategically, there is also one major difference in Archie compared to Omaha Hi/Lo and Stud Hi/Lo. In Archie it is very hard to estimate if your opponent is going for the high hand or the low hand, which makes you keep guessing more often.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why Archie has gained popularity so quickly. Your opponents are also guessing most of the time too and you will experience some crazy and fun hands.

One chip flip to Archie

Don’t worry if you have never tried Archie before. Before the Archie event at Coolbet Open, Teresa Nousiainen will give an introduction to the rules and gameplay and you can play a €25 flip tournament.

In this way you can get acquainted with the game and maybe even flip your way into the actual tournament which has a buy-in of €150+€15.

Teresa Nousiainen is looking forward to expand the knowledge about Archie in Tallinn:

“Pretty much everyone is still learning Archie. It is new, fun, exciting – come and try it out!”

The €165 Archie tournament is played on Thursday 18 October from 19:00. Level times are 20 minutes and late registration ends after the first 6 levels.

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