With around two weeks before the event on 8-14 November, we would like to provide our players with an update for the outlook of the event.

As it looks right now, Coolbet Open November 2021 will go ahead on the planned dates at our usual location, Olympic Casino/Hilton Tallinn Park in Estonia. Currently the Covid-19 situation in Estonia is however difficult and we would like to emphasize that there is a risk that the event will be cancelled or postponed if new restrictions will be introduced. 

The current restrictions in Estonia allow indoor events to go ahead. Indoor events are however limited to people who can present a valid coronavirus certificate (such as the EU Digital Covid Certificate). The certificate will show if a person has completed the vaccination process against coronavirus or recovered from covid-19 during the past 180 days. This certificate you would need to present when you enter the casino. 

Before 25 October 2021 it was also possible to receive a valid coronavirus certificate by taking a negative test. This is no longer possible after new restrictions were introduced, which means that if you are not fully vaccinated or have recovered from covid-19 during the past 180 days then you can unfortunately not attend Coolbet Open this time.

If you have won a package or buy-in to Coolbet Open in November and you are unsure if you can come because of these restrictions, please contact us to transfer the prize to the next Coolbet Open which is planned for 23-29 May 2022.

We recommend the players to follow our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and coolbetopen.com for updates regarding the event.