Accommodation in Tallinn

Hilton Tallinn Park

The hotel is currently fully booked but we expect some rooms to become available when we get closer to the event. Kindly send us a mail at poker@coolbet.com and we will put you on a waiting list for a room. The price is €135 per night.

Radisson Blu Olümpia
For booking, please use the following link: Coolbet Open 2022 – Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia

Park Inn Central Tallinn
For booking, please use the following link: Coolbet Open 2022 – Park Inn by Radisson Central

Ibis Tallinn Center
For booking, please use the following link: Ibis Tallinn Center 

The Venue

Coolbet Open will be played on the 2nd floor at Hilton Tallinn Park in the Ballroom. Hilton Tallinn Park was built in 2016 and is situated just outside the city center. It takes around 10 minutes to walk to the centre and Tallinn’s historic Old Town or 5 minutes by taxi, which should cost around €5. To get to and from the airport takes around 10 minutes by taxi and should cost less than €10. The hotel features restaurants, bars, a spa and a fitness center. Read more about Hilton Tallinn Park here.

Our Registration

In order to enter the tournament area you have to be registered first at Olympic Park Casino, which is situated on the first floor at the Hilton Tallinn Park. The casino age limit is 21 years and you need to present a valid ID or passport to register. You will then get a wristband which you also should present in order to enter the tournament area.

NB! The wristband will be different from day to day so you need to get a new one every day from the casino desk.

Buying in to Tournaments

Tournament tickets can be bought at the cashier desk on the second floor from Wednesday to Saturday. On other days tickets can be bought from the cashier desk inside the casino on the first floor.

Players will be able to withdraw their tournament winnings at the casino cage, first floor. It is also possible to be paid directly to a Coolbet account if the buy-in was won or done through Coolbet.

Late registration and Re-entry

Re-entries and flip tournament tickets can be paid in cash inside the tournament room, card payments have to be done at the cashier desk. There is an ATM behind the Linnutee bar on the ground floor in the hotel

Tournament caps and Waiting Lists

Some Coolbet Open tournaments have caps, i.e. some tournaments can start by selling for example a maximum of 100 tickets. When the tournament has started, more tickets will be sold if possible. We warmly recommend players to buy their tournament tickets well beforehand to avoid a sold out situation.

A soft cap on the other hand means that a waiting list will be set up for the tournament, allowing more players to enter the tournament when seats become available during the registration period.

Please register to a waiting list at the cashier desk before a sold out event starts, or on the tournament floor once the tournament in question has started. If you are on a tournament waiting list, please stay close to the tournament room and wait for your name to be called out when a seat is ready for you.

One Chip Flips

In a One Chip Flip you can win a ticket to a bigger event. You can buy in to a One Chip Flip by paying in cash in the tournament room just before it starts. One Chip Flips are rake free and have no late registration period.

Tournament Rules

All Coolbet Open events will follow the Tournament Directors Association (TDA) rules:
  • The tournament director and floor managers are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances may on occasion dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over the technical rules. The decision of the tournament director and/or floor managers are final.
  • English is the only allowed language at the table when anyone at the table has cards.
  • Last aggressive action shows first and if no action, the next player from the button is to show first. In case of all-in and a call, all players involved need to show their cards.
  • Calling the clock: Time is given by the tournament director or floor manager only and when the time request is reasonable. Given time is a total of 30 seconds in all events, however the tournament director’s discretion may apply.
  • In order to have a live hand, players must be at their seat when the last card is dealt out of the deck.
4% of the prize pool in all tournaments at Coolbet Open will be withheld to cover the tournament costs.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns you can contact us via poker@coolbet.com. We look forward to seeing you at the event!