Coolbet Open May 2022 Edition

May 2022

After a more than 2 year hiatus due to the Corona pandemic, Coolbet Open returned in May 2022 for the fifth edition. The event was another big success with 648 entries in the Main Event, generating a prize pool of more than €310k.

Kaido Mikk became the second Estonian to win the Main Event after he beat Mikko Ylämäki from Finland heads-up. The Finn had a healthy lead at the start of the heads-up but Mikk managed to turn it around after an almost 5 hour long battle between the two. He took home €65,700 while Ylämäki had to settle for €42.800.

The final table was a very international affair with players from no more than 6 different countries, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Iceland and Sweden.

See the results from the Main Event here.

Side Events

The side events exceeded expectations compared to the November 2019 event and generated almost €400.000 in prize pools. The €330 Coolbet Open Deep Stack Championship and the €1100 Coolbet NLH Big Classic exceeded €50000 in the prize pool and were won by Juhana Konttinen from Finland (€11,539) and Ant Gökcek from Turkey (€18,820).

Aleksi Naski (photo) from Finland managed to take two trophies home as he won both The Coolbet Open Warm-up event and the Friday Night Hyper Turbo.

Below is an overview of the side events and the winners:

Event 3: The Coolbet Open Warm Up: Aleksi Naski, Finland (€7.100) - Results

Event 6: Pot Limit Omaha: Saku-Petteri Salo, Finland (€2.686) - Results

Event 8: The Coolbet Open €330 Deep Stack Championship: Ville Heikki Juhana Konttinen, Finland (€11.539) - Results

Event 9: Wednesday Night NLH Hyper Turbo: Stian Knutsen, Norway (€1.840) - Results

Event 11: NLH Single Re-entry: Kevin Viktor Karenius, Finland (€4.448) - Results

Event 12 - PLO 4&5 Cards: Kasper Mellanen, Finland (€6.772) - Results

Event 13: Thursday Night NLH Hyper Turbo: Terje Jahn, Norway (€2.876) - Results

Event 15: Coolbet Open €440 Main Sweat: Heikki Olavi Koskinen, Finland (€10.672) - Results

Event 16: Coolbet Open 8 Game: Lasse Antero Laukkarinen, Finland (€3.464) - Results

Event 17: Coolbet Special €220: Hanli Xiong, Finland (€5.214) - Results

Event 18: PLO 4&5 Cards: Pekka Aulis Kristian Virtanen, Finland (€2.300) - Results

Event 19: Friday Night NLH Hyper Turbo: Aleksi Naski, Finland (€2.798) - Results

Event 21: PLO Hi/Lo: Kenneth Aspestrand, Norway (€2.706) - Results

Event 22: €1100 Coolbet NLH Big Classic: Ant Gökcek, Turkey (€18.820) - Results

Event 23: Coolbet Open Ladies Only: Marthe Sterten Lyngvær, Norway (€1.646) - Results

Event 24: Open Face Chinese Pineapple: Joakim Bakke, Norway (€1.866) - Results

Event 25: The Coolbet Open Bounty Hunter: Onni Ensio Huttunen, Finland (€5.286) - Results

Event 26: Pot Limit Omaha Hyper Turbo Freeze: Arttu Juhani Myllyrinne, Finland (€2.296) - Results

Event 27: Hyper Turbo Version of Main Event: Svein Olav Eidsæter, Norway (€1.994) - Results