November 2019

The fourth edition of Coolbet Open became the biggest event so far and set new records. The Main event exceeded all expectations and had an amazing 686 entries and 498 unique players, creating a prize pool of €332.710.

This time the win went for the local Estonian player Ott Kaarli Toome who took home €71.700 - also a new record for the biggest win at Coolbet Open. Heads-up Toome beat Klaus Witte of Norway who had to settle for 2nd place and €46.400. 

There were plenty of familiar faces left on the final day, including May 2019 winner Mathias Siljander who eventually had to settle for 11th place.

See the results from the Main Event here.

Side Events

The side events were also very popular and generated prize pools of almost €300.000. Three tournaments managed to have prize pools of over €50k, including the €1k Coolbet and the €330 Deep Stack Championship.

Also the €330 Pokerisivut Open was a big event with 195. The winner was Finn Kasper Mellanen who is actually a streamer for Pokerisivut so besides taking home €14750 and a nice trophy he also won the bragging rights.

Event 3: Coolbet Open WarmUp Event: Olli Tapani Ikonen, Finland - €3.955

Event 8: The Coolbet Open €330 Deep Stack Championship: Hans Holmedal, Norway - €11850

Event 9: The Coolbet Open Roller Coaster: Ben Eshet, Israel - €738

Event 11: The Coolbet Carnival Surprise Bounty: Kristo Anderson, Estonia - €1950

Event 12: Pot Limit Omaha 4 & 5 cards: Trond Sundby, Norway - €3995

Event 14: The Thursday Turbo Thrill Ride: Erlend Kalstad, Norway - €2425

Event 16: €330 Pokerisivut Open: Kasper Mellanen, Finland - €14750

Event 18: Coolbet Open 8 Game: Tor-Arne Fenes, Norway - €2150

Event 19: Coolbet Deep Special: Magnus Kristensen, Norway - €4640

Event 21: €1k Coolbet: Aleksandras Voisnis, Lithuania - €18800

Event 22: Coolbet Ladies Event: Anne Kiviselg, Estonia - €1150

Event 23: Open Face Chinese Pineapple: Johnny Johansen, Norway - €4350

Event 24: Bounty Freezeout: Petri Blomdahl, Sweden - €3316

Event 25: PLO 4 & 5 cards: Aleksi Partanen, Finland - €4200

Event 26: Short Deck Holdem: Morten Rognstad, Norway - €2450

Event 27: Turbo Version of Main Event: Marius Morel, Estonia - €1940